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1 Litre takeaway

1 Litre takeaway

Get our 1 Litre Gelato to your door!


Create your own mix of sweet, fruity or decadent Gelato & Sorbet.


Select up to  4 of Our signture flavours to fill our Gelato and Sorbet tub 


-Oreo Gelato 

Creamy Oreo Gelato layered with crumbs of Oreo. 


-Biscoff Gelato 

Biscoff gelato rippled with Bicoff crumbs and sauce.


-Woolies Gelato 

The iconic Woolworth mudcake made into a gelato with chunks of frudgey mudcake and white chocolate ripples.


-Nutella Ripple Gelato  (Gf)

Classic creamy milk gelato with ripples of nutella.


-Peppermint chocolate chip gelato (Gf)

Peppermint Gelato with flakes of chocolate chips 


-Raspberry Gelato (Gf)

Fresh and creamy raspberry gelato 


-Lemon Cheesecake Gelato 

Mascarpone and lemon Gelato with Vanilla biscuit crumb and Lemon zest 


-Cereal Milk Gelato 

Coco pop Milk Gelato with coco pop toppings 


-Salted Caramel Gelato 

Sticky and salty caramel gelato with ripples of dulce du leche.


-Coffee Hazelnut Crunch Gelato 

Coffee Gelato with chocolate and hazelnut cookie crunch.


-Ferrero Roche Gelato 

Hazelnut Gelato with Crunchy chocolate hazelnut ripples 


-Mango sorbet (V, Gf, Df)

Fresh fruity mango sorbet 


-Watermelon Sorbet (V, Gf, Df)

Refreshing Watermelon sorbet 


-Lemon Sorbet (V, Gf, Df)

Zesty Lemon sorbet with lemon zest 


-Strawberry & Lime Sorbet (V, Gf, Df)

Strawberry sorbet with a fresh finish of lime zest and juice 


-Vegan Oreo Gelato (V, Df)

Soy based Creamy Oreo Gelato layered with crumbs of Oreo.


-Vegan Biscoff Gelato (V, Df)

Soy based Biscoff gelato rippled with Bicoff crumbs and sauce.


( Gf= gluten free, Df= Dairy free, V= Vegan)

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